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Make Today Your Payday

Loan Product

Flexible and secure capital provider that prioritizes common sense

underwriting while comprehensively understanding your deal.

Why Rehab Funding?

Get reliable funding for your rehab funding projects. In a world where liquidity is

scarce, rehab funding is here. You’re a pro real estate investor. It’s time to get an

investment property loan from a pro lender.

We Know Loans

Rehab Funding is powered by a leading, nationwide platform that has funded nearly $4 billion in investment property loans.

Personalized Concierge Service

Receive concierge service with your own dedicated professional loan specialist to guide you from underwriting to closing.

Ultra Fast and Efficient

We know how important speed is in real estate and we work hard to make sure our developers have what they need when they need it.

Outside the Box Thinking

Real estate is complex, but our professional loan specialists have the experience and the industry knowledge to find the investment property loan that’s right for you.