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Success in real estate investment is the culmination of strategic decisions, perseverance through challenges, and the ability to seize opportunities in an ever-evolving market.

Being more than just your real estate lender is our goal at Rehab Funding. We recognize that successful real estate investment requires a cohesive team of experts dedicated to a shared objective. From our first discussion to the ultimate payoff, we’re committed to being a dependable member of your team and assisting you in reaching your goals.

A lot of shops give you a low rate or high LTC, but what the team at Fix & Flip Lending does is answer the phone when I call – and when I tell them I have a deal that needs to close fast, they say, “O.K., let’s do it.”

House Flip Contractor

Rehab Funding lending gets it. They know how to talk to pros – they will quickly work through the best funding scenario and get you the best available deal – interest charged as funds are disbursed, no ”as is” appraisal requirements. They understand that time is money, and I move fast.

- Craig Thompson, Boise, Idaho